Monday, 12 July 2010

Busy, busy bee

So far, so good. I have had one of the craziest weeks/ten days that I’ve had for a long time. It started last Friday, with the T party that I mentioned in the last post. I spent most of the evening explaining to the Americans that because I was British, that Stop Lights were actually called Traffic Lights. There were some awesome photos. Fancy dress parties are so under-rated, you can’t beat costumes. Some of the other costumes included........ Mr T., Transvestite, Tennis Player, A Telephone-taped Tetrahedron, Toga, Tourist, Tourettes, Twins, Tiramisu, a TV, Thing 1 and Thing 2, a Tracheotomy, a Trashed Trace-metal chemist, a Tea bag (which generated a lot of tea-bagging jokes), John Travolta, a Thug and possibly the funniest of all, Tu-Pac. Done with the liberal application of dark foundation. Which hilariously then didn’t come off for a few days :D Kept us all amused anyway! It was a very good evening. Ended up being thrown in the Reach (the sea in front of our bar) fully clothed including my jeans and my shoes. Pretty standard really for a Friday night here. Well, Friday night turned into 5 am in the morning before I went to bed. Saturday started with a fry up (general state of shabbiness on Saturday morning necessitated someone going to buy fry-up ingredients), and then went out on a friends boat for a cheeky little snorkel. Did the trick and felt great after that. Evening was a BBQ with our lab group here at our boss’s house – more awesome food and beer! They’ve got a 2 week old baby who is just gorgeous.

Sunday was July 4th – never really something that we bother to celebrate, but seeing as we’re surrounded by Americans, we felt we probably should join in with the fun :D So, back out on the boat, with a cooler full of beers to a sandy harbour.

Anchor up, crack open the beers, and float in the water. Occasionally climb up a really freakin high cliff and jump off into the water.

Note; do NOT hold your nose whilst you do this, otherwise you risk punching yourself in the face as you land, and cutting your mouth open. Fact. Once we got back in the evening, a July 4th BBQ, followed by climbing up on top of our bar, and watching the fireworks from Tucker’s Town with a beer. Perfect.

Monday evening was a friend’s birthday, so I played chef and cooked dinner. First time I’ve had access to a proper kitchen since I got here! J what was supposed to be a ‘quiet’ night turned into another 5am bedtime. Not so much drinking, but just a lot of chatting with friends. Had a year’s worth of catching up to do with a friend of mine, so we talked into the small hours. We talked a lot of shop, lots of science, and what we were trying to do with our lives. It made me do a lot of thinking about life. Although having said that, it did make me realise that the next few years for me could be pretty good, as long as I make the most of them.

Thursday was another big night, as my Canadian friend Mark left to back to Canada. Trivia night, and then back to the bar for free Rum. Always dangerous. Lots of banter that night, more swimming in the Reach, this time mostly without clothes though J However, I would just like to point out, that I have been in work by 7.45 every day this week, and have had a super productive week. I don’t mind working hard, so long as I can play hard too. Friday night was ANOTHER leaving do, this time we went out into Hamilton (the capital of Bermuda) and started of the night with sushi and Sake. I’ve never had sushi before but it was absolutely awesome. And then out to the clubs, went to one where we had to go through a freakin’ metal detector to get in!!!! WHAT??!! And then a few armed police came in and took a wander around....... this is so not how things roll in the UK...

I am going to miss this place in a big way, but my liver will be exceedingly happy to get home and have a break whilst I hit the training. Hard. Been managing to keep up ok with the training, despite the playing hard, playing soccer, running, playing ultimate Frisbee...... but I am missing being in a boat. We’re still having problems with finding the funding for our crew to get out to our EUSA competition; our University don’t seem too keen on supporting us which I think is pretty shit. Fingers crossed. I feel a bit useless because I’m not much use to the others trying to sort things out from here. Lazy weekend this weekend, BBQ last night and early bed for me, and a trip to the beach today with some snorkelling :D

Judging by the amount I seem to write each week, maybe I should start posting a little more often..........

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