Friday, 4 June 2010

Another week gone by.....

So, another week has gone by already, and now it’s June! I’ve been in Bermuda now for almost a month, and it has absolutely flown by. Got some good news yesterday, our crew has been selected to represent GB at the European Universities Rowing Championships in Amsterdam in August which is awesome. However this does mean I have to do as much training whilst here as possible, as I’ll only have two weeks or so to train with the other girls once I get back to the UK. So, in an effort to do as much training as possible, I’ve even started playing football twice a week. I hate football. Actually, I should probably say I’ve started playing soccer twice a week, as the majority of people here are American. The England vs US world cup match next week should be fun..... we’re going to have a beer-drinking contest whilst it’s happening (very American concept right?).

I’ve also been trying to do some more photography whilst I’m here, and have a reasonable amount of spare time on my hands (I go in to work pretty early so I have the late afternoon free too). I bought a new camera in October, and am still getting used to what it can do, and learning how to use it properly. I’ve gradually started uploading photos to Flickr, and it’s a wonderful way to spend time, as there are some beautiful photos up on Flickr. I’ve found a couple of photostreams from people who are obviously born to be behind a camera, and it’s a great opportunity to learn new stuff from groups and photos up on there. One Flickr user that I’ve been looking at is a girl called Rebeca, who has just completed her 365 project. It’s inspired me to have a go myself. I think. I’m going to first of all see if I can just make it a week with having remembered to take a photo every day, and see how it goes from there I think! For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a photo a day for a whole year. Some people chose to take a random photo every day; some people chose to do self portraits, or specific themes. I haven’t decided what to do for mine yet. I think it might be self portrait, but watch this space. Once I figure out how to stick photos in the blog too you might see some. For now, my photostream can be found here anyway.

Came second in the Swizzle Inn pub quiz last night which was good, although the other team from the research station beat us into first by a single point! Hmph. We still got a slab of beer from it though, so not an entirely wasted evening :)

Super excited today as the boyfriend is flying out for ten days to see me. Hoooooorah! Lots of climbing on the cards as he’s a climbing nut, and there are a few expats here who are super hard. The climbing itself is pretty sketchy here as the rock is a bit grim, but once it gets to this time of year and the water is over 20C, then the majority of it is deep water soloing (DWS), where you just climb routes that overhand the water, and if you fall off, well you just get wet (I mostly just squeal and fall in the water). Fingers crossed for some beautiful weather in the next week or so.

Have a good weekend xx