Friday, 2 July 2010

Seriously? It's July already?

Well, my intention of writing every week somehow fell by the wayside. Firstly I blame having what essentially boils down to a ten day holiday when my boyfriend came to stay, then a week out at sea, and then, well, just general laziness. I will endeavour to update this more often, but in reality I probably will forget again.

Had an awesome time whilst the boyf was here, it was nice because it meant I actually got off station and went out to see the island and play tourist. Rented scooters for 2 days which was fab. So much fun and freedom compared to having to get the bus everywhere. Managed to get a fair bit of climbing in which kept him happy, I’ve only done one more session since he left due to time constraints and practicality of getting to where we climb.

My 365 project is still going strong, I’ve completed almost a month now which makes me pretty chuffed. Although I am finding it a bit weird trying to think of new ideas and news places to take photos, when I am in a pretty public place I just feel a bit self-concious. Hopefully this will go away the longer I do it :) Have been taking a fair few other photos too, and sticking them up on Flickr as I go along, so feel free to have a browse.

Work is going ok, the last cruise was good, although I find it very difficult to get academic work done whilst I’m on the cruise, sampling is fine, just reading and computer stuff does my head in (and doesn’t help if you’re prone to seasickness). The food however, is awesome. The crew is Filipino, and they cook awesome food for us. Having spoken to people who routinely go out on other cruises, by all accounts we’re very lucky with the food we get served on the ship. Off out to sea again 3rd week of July, and then it’ll be time to go home! Definitely does seem like my time here this year is flying by compared to last year. I think it’s because I know people here already this year, and I was already aware of the cost of food etc so that it wasn’t AS much of a shock to the system as it was last year. A couple of friends are leaving the island in the next week, but a good friend from last year has just arrived back on the island so I guess it’s not all bad :).

Still got 4 weeks left to crack out an awesome tan for the time I go home and make all my friends jealous :) Have upped the training stakes (apart from whilst out on the ship), and at the moment I’m running around 25km a week, playing soccer at least once a week (normally twice), doing yoga once a week, and hopefully I will be swimming once a week from now on too. We are right next to the water here, but I’m a little iffy about training there because it gets pretty busy with boats and jetskis that go pretty quickly, and come pretty close in to the shoreline. I’m going to try going out to one of the beaches and swimming along the shoreline. We’ll see how that goes.

Got woken up to massive amounts of thunder this morning which was quite nice (if not a little bit scary). I love thunderstorms. Particularly at night when you can see forked lightning striking the ground. Party this evening with the theme of the letter T. I’m going as a set of traffic lights. Not overly original I know, but I am severely limited by the amount of clothes I have here with me in Bermuda, and no access to a fabric store, or even more helpfully – Primark!


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