Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ship side of the Sargasso

Woooooh I’m on a boat.... well, I’m not actually on a boat yet, but I will be in a few hours. 6 days at sea, but the weather looks as though it will hold and the seas will be kind to us (2-4 foot swells) so that’s all good. 6 days of ship food too mmmmmm.

Fairly uneventful week, lots of getting stuff ready for the cruise, lots of acid washing, lots of organising, and lots of emailing.

Went for a 45 minute kayak after work on Monday (fairly quickly!) which was good apart from when I a) thought I was sinking (once I got out to the sea, waves were breaking over me from all sorts of directions) and b) thought I was being chased by a shark. I just have to explain this. In my mind, employing logic and reasoning, I know that I’m not going to be chased by a shark whilst I’m in Ferry Reach. And, as one of my friends loves telling me, more people die every year in toaster-related deaths than get killed by sharks (I have no idea whether this is actually a true fact or not). BUT. This is what was landed last weekend in Bermuda, caught off Challenger Banks ~12 miles out to sea (NB. Only about an extra 4 miles out from where we were diving the day before!!). So, I’m sure you’ll understand, that I have an over-active imagination, and now I’m a little bit freaked out to swim in the reach on my own. I did do some swim sprints on Tuesday (mainly sprinting in case a shark was chasing me), but on Wednesday there were other people swimming too which was better. Had a little play paddle boarding too which was fun.

Only five days left on the island once we get off the ship :( sad times. But, having said that, I am super looking forward to seeing everyone when I get home. Also getting on the training in a big way when I can finally get back in a boat!

Things I am looking forward to at home:

- A double bed

- A duvet

- Being able to sleep without a really noisy fan or sweating

- Having a kitchen and being able to cook!

- The price of food........ nom nom nom

- Having my lovely little car back to drive around in

- Training

- Seeing all my friends and family

Things I will miss about BDA:

- Rolling downstairs to work (takes about 2 minutes if I walk slowly)

- The temperature (but NOT the humidity)

- The sunshine (~11 hours of it a day)

- The fact that the sea is currently 28.5C SO WARM!!! And its beautiful blue colour

- Friends here

- Running along a sea cliff (although I’ve swapped running for swimming now coz it’s too hot to run!)

- Going out on the ship

- Having a bar on station (although I think my liver will be happy about this fact)

I guess on the up side, I’ll be back here for a month in October/November teaching, so I’ll get to see people before too long :) I have got some pretty epic weeks ahead of me before then though so we’ll have to see how that all unfolds. For now though?? Time to go float around in the Sargasso Sea on a boat. Back in time for Cup Match weekend WHOOOOP!!


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