Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Catch-up

Well, it’s safe to say that this year has pretty much flown by…… it never feels like that when it’s actually happening, but then when you look back you realise how quickly it went by. In August my friends Adam and Anna had their first baby, and I went round to see her when she was only 5 days old, and take some photos for them. So adorable. Hard to believe she’s already 4 months old now! 

B&W baby bliss

I did my first adventure race, with the old girls I used to row in a crew with – it was so much fun, and obviously, our competitive spirit took over, and we managed to win our category – Whoop!!!

The Oarsome Foursome ride again

I did my first half marathon in London (Run to the Beat), and clocked a time of 1 hour 56, which I was pretty pleased with, considering I was planning on running it as a slow training run, rather than trying to get under 2 hours……. Next target I guess is sub 1:50…… probably have to do some real training for that and learn how to run properly lol.

Had a couple of fun weekends away at the end of October – the first was away climbing with the Southampton University Mountaineering Club in the Peak District, and the second was with some friends of mine to Pembrokeshire. Climbing, bbq-ing, drinking and coasteering….. fun fun :)

Yorkshire grit

Porth Clais

I finally moved back home at the end of October, in order to get more work done, and I will be there until I finish writing my PhD thesis up and submit it. It’s proving pretty lonely, but I’m actually getting work done (although not so much in the last 2 weeks, I’ve mainly been baking Christmassy things instead!!!), and doing lots of training. Not much of a social life, but I guess I’m partly to blame for that in terms of not really making an effort.

The end of November saw yet another attendance for Hellrunner Down South, which was (as usual) thoroughly enjoyable with the exception of having to run it half blind. I accidentally wiped out one of my contact lenses after about 20 minutes of running, and had to run the rest of the race half blind. Deceptively difficult as it meant I had no depth perception – difficult when running cross country and through woods! Went straight from hellrunner (after a quick water-bottle-wash in a field) down to Bath to see the old rowing girls again, went out for yummy Thai dinner and then cocktails, and a trip to the baths the next day.

The Royal Crescent

Bath Abbey

Christmas spirit came early this year – a trip to see the Nutcracker on the 1 Dec J Performed by the Royal Birmingham Ballet, it was lovely. Then back to Southampton for a meeting and Christmas party mid Dec, and then really that brings us to now! Lots of baking when I’ve had time off (or made a deadline!), and lots of training. I’ve discovered I LOVE spinning classes, which is pretty fortunate really considering the number of mince pies and gingerbread men I’ve been eating!!

Curtains Open

Christmas is coming.......

Christmas tree meeee

Christmassy love

Happy Christmas!

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