Thursday, 8 September 2011

in times gone by.............

Wow. I knew I hadn’t updated the blog in a while, but didn’t realise that I’d gone this long without posting anything. I think I tried to post something a while back but the internet connection was so bad that I just gave up. Well, where to start……

After the trip to London it was my birthday (hoorah!), and mum came down to Southampton to visit me (and bring me presents!), and the sister took me out for lunch the following day as she happened to be passing Southampton on business which was a lovely surprise. That weekend two of my girlfriends from home came to stay (along with Steff’s dog, Tess), and we had a lovely walk in the New Forest, followed by a pub dinner, then back to mine for wine, popcorn and a film :)

Training camp was over the Easter Sunday weekend, for a whole week, but I went home on Easter Sunday for chocolate times :D (oh and I made hot-cross buns as well...... yummy yummy!!)

Easter was particularly late this year, which meant that our May bank holiday racing was only the week after, hence the training camp being over Easter itself. BUCS (the University sports championships) was a bit of a disaster this year – conditions at Holme Pierrpoint were pretty bad, and by the time we raced in the evening, there was a very definite disadvantage to the furthest two lanes because of the wind. We led up until about halfway (1000m), at which point we hit a wall of wind. The other side of the lake was more sheltered, so they happily ploughed on, and rowed ahead of us. All I can say is that it’s a good thing we spend so long on the river Itchen with waves and wind. We held our own for a little way (the crew next to us gave up and moved into the emergency recovery lane), but even we had to admit defeat when waves started coming over our coxswain’s head, and we started sinking. We didn’t actually sink, but I have never in 11 years of racing there competed in such bad conditions. It didn’t help that the organiser of BUCS (James Lee), was extremely rude to me when I went to talk to him about it later. I wasn’t being rude at all, just pointing out to him that things could have been done differently, especially seeing as the race after ours they’d made the decision to shorten the course (i.e. they knew there were problems, they were just very slow to react to them!). Maybe he was just a bit stressed, but I still maintain there was absolutely no need to be so aggressive and argumentative when all he needed to say was “yes, it’s not very nice out there. Thanks for your comments; I’ll take that on board”. I wasn’t even after an apology, just some acknowledgment that my comments were being taken on board, not just going in one ear and out of the other! grrrrrrrr.

May was fairly quiet really, I spent almost every day in the lab, trying my best to get my labwork finished by my deadline of the end of August (despite my supervisor telling me I wouldn’t get it done!), and training hard. One of my friends from work got married in a beautiful, beautiful ceremony in the Orangery at Port Eliot House in St Germans, Cornwall.

We went down for the weekend, and it was just lovely. They had the reception at Sconner Down campsite, in these big canvas globey tents, with an amazing view out over the area. Lots of intricate and stunning finishing touches made it a stunning day. Things like the place settings - they'd taken a polaroid photo for every single place setting, with the two of them doing a different pose - normally something relevant to the person (ie. they'd have musical instruments for musicians etc) ........ such a lovely idea!

I finally finished my 365 project on the 3 June! I’d missed two days in total which is a bit annoying, but I think it’s a pretty good effort really…… already since I stopped I’ve noticed I’m not using my camera nearly as much though :( I think it’s because it sits tucked away in my cupboard when I’m not using it and I forget it’s there…..

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